During the course you will learn how to learn how to make handmade candles from 0 in 1 evening
The course on creating aesthetic candles
from the creator of the brand
Lesson II. Marble Shaped Candle
The effect of marble pouring.
How to make a molded soy candle without flaws. Varieties of soy wax. How to pour and cool wax correctly.
Lesson I. Shaped candle made of soy wax
Container candles with wooden and cotton wick. Why can the wick not crack? The flame goes out, what to do? It is discussed in detail in the lesson.
Lesson III. Container candles
Course program:
Natural candles made of wax sheets.
Lesson IV. Wax Candle
Формовые мраморные свечи, работа с поталью, свеча из вощины
Дополнительные модули
Potal, paint and dried flowers. How to apply and what kind of paint is used for eco-friendly candles.
Lesson V. Candle Decoration
Warm melted wax that can be applied to the body while enjoying a wonderful massage. Deep hydration after massage candles is provided to you.
Lesson VI. Massage candles
We have compiled a list of suppliers from all over the world
(Countries from Europe and the USA)
List of suppliers
With the help of concrete, you can make incredible stands and dishes for candles.
Lesson VII. Concrete products
How much does one
such candle cost
Do you want to learn how to make candles at cost?
(Cost price)
(In shops)
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I am Lisa, the founder of the most aesthetic blog and store of popular candles.
For more than a year I have been interested in making candles from soy wax. I started my business when there was almost no one in this niche on Instagram.
I worked for a long time on manufacturing techniques, selected suppliers, studied ways of promotion and sales, expanded the range and eventually packed my business not just into a store, but into an aesthetic blog, photos of which are published in all the most popular blogs.
Founder of the Lizabeth.Mercury brand
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